About The Book, MenSpeak

The male spirit hurts. It has been hurt. And for too long it has returned or transferred that hurt to others – physically, verbally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually  and to itself.

This book is about expressing that hurt and then healing through emphatic listening with deep soft curiosity to other men speaking. You will experience men willing to reopen wounds and allow you to enter into what the male spirit experiences. Then, to go through the wounding experiences to the lightness of being a lovable, loving and spiritually connected Self.

This book is intended for all men.  It is also for everyone whose male spirit longs to be expressed without harshness, criticism, sarcasm, hurt, ridicule and blame, accusation, non-acceptance, disapproval and fear.

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On my blog, each week I will be providing a verbatim transcript of what each of the 24 men wrote during their time at The Men’s Group. The only changes are to any word or statement that can identify them. I have not included usual background labels of the socio-psycho-economic-calendric-historic-geographic-occupational identifiers we search for i..... Read More


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